23 March 2011

Podcast, Interview, Convention!

I just realized every news item I have posted so far has had an exclamation point in the title. I guess news makes me excited?

Anyway, I mean to update this news page more frequently, but lately I've been so busy that it's slipped my mind. Oops. But! I've been busy because I've been working very hard on getting new stuff out there for you to see, and some of that stuff is available now!

The latest Outer Alliance Podcast went up last Friday. It's a fun one. I talked to Catherine Lundoff, Jean Marie Ward, and Lisa Nohealani Morton about Hellebore and Rue, an anthology about lesbians who do magic. We also talked about horror movies, art, poetry, and Viable Paradise (among other things). And of course there are some excerpts from the anthology, too.

Issue #3 of Stone Telling went live yesterday, and in addition to a bunch of awesome poems and articles, it's got another roundtable discussion at the end. The roundtables are sort of like DVD commentary tracks, and I never quite know where they're going to lead when I start the conversations. In this case, the discussion went into very interesting territory. Jo Walton even wrote a brand new poem in the course of it! Very exciting.

And now I am off to Memphis, Tennessee for MidSouthCon, where I will be discussing things like doing historical research for stories with Literary Guest of Honor, Mary Robinette Kowal (among others). I'm nerv-cited about this one because it's my first time being an official program participant at a convention. I met Mary last August at another convention, and I know she's very gracious, though. It is nigh unto certain that she will not eat me. I'll report back to let you know how it goes.