28 March 2011

Pictures from MidSouthCon

MidSouthCon was lots of fun, and I was right! Mary Robinette Kowal totally didn't eat me (and no one else did, either). Probably the coolest part of the weekend was seeing Mary's puppet demonstration. You can see some pictures of that, and of some of the amazing costumes people wore (a lot of them homemade!) in my MidSouthCon Flickr set.

Now I'm off to catch a plane back home.

Broadly Speaking Podcast

I hosted this month's episode of Broadly Speaking (the Broad Universe discussion podcast). I talked to Joyce Chng, Kate Kaynak, and Phoebe Wray about the Singaporean speculative fiction community, strong female characters, and the origins of Broad Universe. There's also a special guest appearance by Joyce's angsty cat.