16 April 2011

New Outer Alliance Podcast

This month's podcast is up, and it has two really great discussions about gender and trans characters and lots of other good stuff. My guests were Cheryl Morgan and Elizabeth Bear, both Hugo winners! Rock! I love that I got an all-star podcast lineup.

Off to travel and visit family for a few weeks now, and then heading back for Convention Month May! I'll be a guest at Gaylaxicon in Atlanta, Georgia, and then I'll be attending WisCon in Madison, Wisconsin on the last weekend of May (which is also my birthday weekend!). More news about those cons when I have definite schedules.

Hey, if you listened to the podcast and you have stuff to say, leave a comment on the OA blog, or send me an e-mail, okay? I'm julia@juliarios.com, and I love hearing from listeners.