7 September 2011

New OA Podcast and New PodCastle Story!

This week is a big week for my voice going out into the aether.

I've just put up the latest Outer Alliance Podcast episode, and I'm super chuffed about it, because I got to have two of my favorite podcasters on as guests. Ian Mond and Kirstyn McDermott host The Writer and the Critic, which is a hilarious and intelligent book discussion podcast. I adopted their format for this episode, and whacky hijinks ensued.

The other exciting thing that just went up is the latest episode of PodCastle. I read a story by Claire Humphrey, which was very cool because I know and like Claire, and I really loved the story. It was excellent to spend time with her characters and words, trying to bring them to life. I hope I did the story justice.