28 January 2012

I'm on the Galactic Suburbia Honours List!

This week has been very exciting! I decided to sign up for the Month of Letters project, I went to my friend Lisa's book launch for her YA novel, The Between, and then I found out I was on an Awards Honours List created by one of my favorite podcasts!

Here's my official writeup of the Award and Honours List. I'm amazed and thrilled to be recognized alongside such wonderful people.

Here's a really funny thing: You know how I said I was going to use February to write thank you notes to authors who'd written things I love? Well, one of the people on my list was Tansy Rayner Roberts. On Thursday afternoon, I e-mailed her asking for her postal address so I could send her a thank you card. She wrote back and said she was happy to hear from me, but she didn't mention that the very next day I'd be getting awards recognition from her! I'm glad I sent the address request before I found out, so Tansy knows it's genuine and not as a response to my Honours List inclusion. Lucky timing!