6 March 2012

Two New Things!

This is a big week for me! I have a poem out in Volume 4, No. 1 of Midnight Screaming, and an article about QUILTBAG speculative fiction in issue 34 of Apex Magazine. Very exciting!

The poem is called "Curse Breaking", and I read it at Readercon last July during the Rhysling poetry slan. It's about my father, who died 12 years ago this month.

The article is a general overview of how QUILTBAG spec fic has changed over the years, some unfortunately persistent stereotypes, and some ideas for how to keep improving the genre. I got to recommend a few good books, but the amount of things I didn't get to include is staggering. I'm amazed at the breadth of quality QUILTBAG spec fic out there.

In the end of January, I said I was planning to participate in Mary Robinette Kowal's Month of Letters project. I did, and it was great fun! I sent 29 thank you notes to authors and creators (one for each day in the month of February), and the only thing that made me sad was how many fantastic authors I didn't get to include in the project. I took some pictures of the cards I made, so one day soon, I'll try to upload them and share the fun.