Happy October Podcast Month!

This is the first episode in my October weekday episode extravaganza.

Hello, everyone! I am back, and back with exciting news: I’m planning to be around a lot more this month! Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me while I’ve been sick and recovering and relapsing and recovering some more. I appreciate your patience!

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This is the first episode in my October weekday episode extravaganza. I’m taking a leaf out of the monthly challenge books (like Inktober and National Poetry Writing Month), and committing to doing one short (roughly 5 minute) episode each weekday (Monday-Friday) in October. Starting today!

Most of these will be free episodes, though a few will be just for my paid subscribers, and I’ll be reflecting on creativity in some way for each one. I know a lot of people who do NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November use October to prepare for that challenge, so some of you may be outlining, etc. Some of what I’ll do this month is dig into tips for that sort of marathon creative prep, but I am also open to answering your questions, or diving into topics you propose. Definitely hit me up if you have something you’d like to see me cover.

This first episode is mostly to lay the groundwork for the rest of the month, and for catching up on what I’ve been up to. Here are all the things I mentioned:

Here’s a Kickstarter for an anthology of Latinx speculative fiction called Speculative Fiction for Dreamers. I have a story in this one, and I am very excited to read all the other stories and poems in it, too! There are many reward levels including ebook, paperback, and things like creative consultations. I am offering a half hour video chat, so if you have always been dying to ask me questions about writing or editing, this is one way to get my undivided attention.

I’m also going to be a trivia team captain for Clarion West’s fundraiser trivia night! This is happening on the night of October 17th at 6pm Pacific time. You can join my team for $15, and all the proceeds will go toward supporting the excellent work Clarion West does, including classes, readings, scholarships for people who need them, and so on. Come on and let’s have some fun!

Registration is still open for my two upcoming Clarion West workshops as well. If you want to learn how to grip a reader from the start and deliver a satisfying resolution, you can sign up for Beginnings that Grab and Endings that Land, both of which will be happening in early November.

There’s also a Kickstarter going right not for Constelación (AKA Constellation), a bilingual magazine of science fiction and fantasy. I am not involved with this one at all, but I know many of the people who are, and I can’t wait to see what they do!

Wizard Seeking Wizard is a fun fiction podcast in which a wizard who is trapped in a crystal sphere has decided to be a matchmaker and welcomes other wizards’ personal ads. I have a small role as a wizard named Flora Bunnyhop who’s seeking a rival. This one is just a silly fun time, and also totally free to listen to. If you do decide to listen, you can also vote for which wizards you would like to see more of.