Worlds of Possibility

Worlds of Possibility
Cover for the August Issue of Worlds of Possibility, featuring artwork by Julia Kim of a chunky orange cat riding a rocket powered bike.

Submissions are currently closed. When Worlds of Possibility reopens, a link to the submissions portal will appear here.

Worlds of Possibility works leave us with a sense of hope, peace, or contentment.

For this project, Julia Rios buys original stories, poems, and art by other creators to display on this website. Paid subscribers directly sponsor these pieces with their subscription fees, and get to see the contents before the general public! As of August 2022, issues are released to subscribers in ebook format on a bimonthly basis before individual pieces are released online and on the OMG Julia Podcast.

A full color print Worlds of Possibility anthology is coming in late 2023 thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign! Pre-order options for people who missed the campaign will be available in the future.

If you can't afford to subscribe, consider supporting by subscribing for free to the OMG Julia Podcast on your podcatcher of choice. Subscribing to the podcast directly does support the production!

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