Mershark! Plus how you can score a critique from me!

I’ve drawn a silly mershark.

Mershark! Plus how you can score a critique from me!

Hello! Here’s my first podcast episode for November (notably NOT a podcast month challenge time!), in which I’m talking about what I’m up to these days. I mentioned before that I have a new project called Mermaids Monthly. Right now that is Kickstarting, and we’re just over the 25% mark of our funding goal.

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I’ve also drawn a silly mershark.

Image Description: A mershark with a human torso and a shark tail, and a mouth full of sharp shark teeth!

Once our Kickstarter reaches 200 backers (we are currently at 183), I am going to be picking a random winner from those 200, and that person will get this drawing! I will fold it up and mail it in a letter sized envelope anywhere in the world!

Click here to support our Kickstarter!

In other news, I have a critique (that also comes with a video chat) up for your bids in the Romancing the Runoff auction! This is an auction organized by romance writers, and all the proceeds go to the Georgia senate runoff campaigns. What you get: one story critique (up to 10k words), and a video chat with me after I send the critique notes. You can use the video chat to talk about your story or to ask me any questions you have about the craft or business sides of writing. This is something I usually don’t offer, and right now it’s at a very cheap price point of only $53.50. If I were to offer this kind of one-on-one chat and critique for sale, it would definitely be priced way higher!

Click here to bid on my critique!

Finally, I hope you’re staying safe out there! I know that this pandemic is really tough emotionally, and I am sorry for everyone who is missing family and friends right now, especially, if, like me, you live in an area where it’s getting colder and darker every day. I’m being really careful because I definitely don’t want to risk getting or spreading COVID, and I hope you’re being careful as much as you can, too. Even though we think I had it in the spring (and I was sick for literally months), I do know a few people who have had it twice now, so I am not at all considering myself immune.

That’s it for this time! please do check out those links and spread the word to anyone you think might be interested!