October Podcast Month: All About Podcasts

In today’s podcast, I talk about podcasts!

In today’s podcast, I talk about podcasts! I start by talking about podcasts that I am currently involved in, and then explore some podcasts I am currently enjoying.

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First, my main podcast is This Is Why We’re Like This, which I cohost with Geoffrey Pelton. It’s all about rewatching movies and TV shows we saw as children and seeing how they hold up to an adult rewatch. We’ve done a ton of these, starting about one year ago, but our most recent ones are on The Land Before Time and a made for TV retelling of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night called Motocrossed. I’m currently working on editing a more serious discussion of Alex Haley’s Queen for this one.

Next, I recently played a wizard named Flora Bunnyhop on a fiction podcast called Wizard Seeking Wizard, and I just got word that Flora got picked to go on a wizard date, so another episode of that one is in the works!

Podcasts I mention that don’t involve me:

Arden is a fictional true crime investigation audio drama podcast (with humor and some supernatural elements).

Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet is podcast where the hosts critique one star Yelp reviews.

My Friend Chuck is a podcast by erotica author Chuck Tingle and comedian McKenzie Goodwin, which is a lot of fun.

You Must Remember This is a documentary podcast by Karina Longworth about the history of Hollywood. She breaks hers into seasons, and I particularly recommend tho ones on The Song of the South.

Very Amusing is a podcast by theme park journalist Carlye Wisel, where she digs into questions like where theme park food comes from.