October Podcast Month: Can we talk about candy corn?

Candy corn is one of those polarizing foods. People love it or hate it.

I just bought some candy corn today, and OMG is tastes SO GOOD. I realize candy corn is one of those polarizing foods. People love it or hate it. You may hate it, and that’s fine! You’re wrong, but also I’m cool with it and I will totally take any candy corn you want to offload!

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Image Description: A porcelain pumpkin box with candy corn artfully scattered around it.

Yesterday we talked about taking a walk for inspiration. Today, I’m running with the candy corn idea. Assignment if you want to play along at home:

Think of a seasonal food you associate with this time of year. If you can get some, take a bite! If you can’t, just imagine it in as much detail as possible. What does it taste like? What’s its texture? Is it hot or cold? Where do you imagine typically eating it? What kinds of memories do you attach to it? What kinds of moods and stories would you assume would feature it? Consider how it would feel to subvert the typical mood. I mentioned a couple of stories I could think of involving candy corn, and how it seems to lend itself to light and fluffy fun stories. What would it be like to use it in a sinister context? I don’t really want to because I’m happy with it being fun and fluffy, but maybe you DO want to!

Let me know what seasonal foods you think of and what you come up with!