October Podcast Month: Field Trips

Moss has taken this week off of work, so we’ve been trying to do some fun vacation type activities.

Moss has taken this week off of work, so we’ve been trying to do some fun vacation type activities. Of course we can’t go on an actual vacation, and we’re not even going inside anywhere other than essential trips to places like the supermarket. All of this makes vacation a little more challenging, but luckily for us we live in an area where autumn means gorgeous foliage, so we’ve been exploring the local scenery on drives.

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Earlier in the week we went to Gloucester and walked on the beach and saw some dahlias.

Image description: variegated red and yellow dahlias with the ocean in the background.

Today we drove to the west and looked at leaves. We didn’t stop anywhere so we have no pictures from today, but the reds and golds of autumn were definitely out in full force. While we were out we passed a working farm that is open to the public during normal times, and it started us wondering about field trips.

We both grew up on the other side of the country, so our field trips were much different than the ones kids who grew up here get. In this area, there’s lots of focus on Massachusetts as a colony and as part of the American Revolution. So: a little creative prompt, if you want one!

Memoir/creative non-fiction: Write about a typical field trip for you as a kid. Did you grow up in a place where field trips happened? Did you call them something else? If you didn’t have field trips, was there a particular place or part of local history or current profession that you would expect people to learn about? Moss remembers going to a working dairy on a field trip, for instance.

Fiction: What kind of childhood experiences did your character have? Were field trips part of it? Were they fun and educational, or full of drama like the camping trip I remember taking in middle school where one of the girls claimed to have been possessed by the devil?

Visual art: create a picture of one of the places you remember visiting as a child, or a physical/visual representation of something associated with that place.

If you decide to do this one, let me know! I’d love to hear all about it! If you don’t want to do a prompt, but do want to tell me about your childhood excursions, I’m up for that, too!

P.S. I  spent all day today before our leaf drive working on my wizard’s date recap for the Wizard Seeking Wizard podcast!

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