Patty Templeton talks creative process with me

Patty Templeton talks about the limited edition art she created, and about her half of a Mermaids Monthly Each to Each collaboration with her partner, Brett Massé.

So Alive by Patty Templeton a linocut print of an anglerfish mer in the feejee mermaid style

The Mermaids Monthly Kickstarter is in its home stretch! We’re almost to 75% funded, and we have 6 days to get all the way there! In this episode of the OMG Julia podcast, I asked one of our awesome contributors, Patty Templeton, to join me and talk a bit about the limited edition art she created, and about her half of an Each to Each collaboration with her partner, Brett Massé.

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The Each to Each feature series in Mermaids Monthly is going to be a series of collaborative works by creators who have deep personal connections, and also by creators who have never met before. I talked in depth about the whole idea, and how anyone can submit to be part of a collaboration in our latest Kickstarter update, so go over there to read more if you are curious!

Patty’s art piece is called “So Alive” and you can get it as a limited edition, numbered linocut print, or you can back us at the sticker level and get it on a sticker. Patty tells us all about her inspiration for the piece, and the process of creating linocut prints. Long story short, the stamp degrades during the printmaking process, so there will never be more than 25 of these original prints!

Image description: “So Alive” by Patty Templeton. A black ink print from a linocut of a live, weird mer-creature inspired by the Fiji Mermaid advertised in old side shows. It’s ugly and weird and magnificent, and Patty envisions it as having evolved this way naturally rather than being a sewn-together dead monster. Stickers and limited edition prints are available through the Mermaids Monthly Kickstarter until the 12th of December, 2020.

Patty also tells us a bit about the story she’s writing, which I haven’t yet read, so you get to hear my first reaction to it. Spoiler alert: it sounds so fun! I can’t wait to read the whole story! And she talks a bit about collaborating with her partner, Brett, and about the different kinds of art they’ve both made.

Here’s a short list of places to find their work:

And of course, to get Patty’s art and story, and Brett’s art in response to Patty’s story, back Mermaids Monthly on Kickstarter!