Where to find me at Readercon

This weekend is Readercon in Quincy, MA. If you’re there, come say hi! Here’s my schedule:

Latinx Authors Tear Down the Wall
Friday (today!) 2:00 PM Salon 4
Lisa Bradley (mod), Carlos Hernandez, José Pablo Iriarte, Julia Rios

Isolationist governments portray immigrants (and citizens perceived as foreigners) as vectors for disease, crime, and terrorism. Currently, the U.S. administration is demonizing Latinx immigrants in this fashion, and oppressing asylum-seekers from Central America. How can authors dismantle anti-immigrant myths while portraying immigrants in all their human complexity? Led by Lisa M. Bradley, Latinx writers will discuss their work regarding borders and immigration, providing historical context and exploring possibilities for future stories.

The White Space Around the Words: The Camaraderie of Poetry and Comedy
Saturday (tomorrow!) 1:00 PM Salon A
Amal El-Mohtar, Greer Gilman, Julia Rios, Romie Stott (mod), Sonya Taaffe

In a 2018 interview, comedian Dylan Moran said, "The verbal fun of standup is much more like poetry than prose... because a lot of it is about elision, suggestion, inference, the white space around the words. They’re much closer than people think, poetry and jokes." Our panelists explore this similarity between poetry and comedy, sharing some of their favorite examples of wordplay that works within the white space.

Reading: Julia Rios
Sunday 12:00 PM Salon C

I’ll be reading the flash piece I wrote for Libia Brenda’s second bilingual anthology!