Where You Can See Me in August

August is a packed month for me, both with my more serious creative side, and my sillier one. If you are in New England or Dublin, Ireland, come on out and say hello!

Where You Can See Me in August

August is a packed month for me, both with my more serious creative side, and my sillier one. If you are in New England or Dublin, Ireland, come on out and say hello! Here’s where you can do that:

Comedy Part One!

Pick A Side Stupid — Rom Coms

Friday the 9th of August at 7pm, Maggy’s Lounge in Quincy, Massachusetts

Pick A Side Stupid is a comedy debate show, where comedians face off to debate ridiculous questions. The host, Shawn Carter (also a comedian) chooses each debate’s winner. The theme for this show is Rom Coms! Admission is free, and Maggy’s Lounge has great pizza for your Friday dinner!

Portland Maine Comedy Festival — Portland, Maine

logo for the Portland, Maine Comedy festival with lobster claws holding a microphone

I’m performing in TWO shows on Saturday the 10th of August at the Portland Maine Comedy Festival! Very Exciting! If you have a mind to come and want an earlier night, come to the Local Press! If you want to stay out late and possibly talk to me after the show, come to the Broken Crow Collective! Both shows are going to have some stellar comedians, including some of my Boston 48 Hour Film Project teammates! Emily Mame Ford (AKA Creepy Baby) will be on the early show and Liz MacDonald (AKA Profane the Sad Sailor) will be on the late one!

Local Press PMCF Showcase

Saturday the 10th of August, 7:30pm
The Local Press, 276 Woodford St, Portland, Maine 04103

Ryan Andersons, Emily Mame Ford, Patty Gould, Julia Rios, Josh Ramirez, Ellington Berg, Collin Segura, Christian Mangual, Robby Finan, Dolores Sparkles, Izzy da Rosa, Betsy Ellen Wesley, JJ Jones, Andrew Haskell

Laugh Til It Hurts Showcase

Saturday the 10th of August, 8pm
Broken Crow Collective, 594 Congress Street, Portland, Maine 04101

Michael Atcherson, Sharad Ravichandran, Emily Duke, Liam Welsh, Betsy  Ellen Wesley, Adrienne Gabrielle, Catherine Buckler, Liz MacDonald,  Julia Rios, Patty Gould, Josh Ramirez, Owen Foley

Worldcon in Dublin, Ireland!

The Dublin 2019: A n Irish Worldcon logo

I’ll be attending the 77th World Science Fiction Convention in Dublin, Ireland! How exciting! While I’m there, I’ll record a couple of podcast episodes with The Skiffy and Fanty Show, and I’ll also be on a few Worldcon programme items.

How creators and fans respond to political unrest

16 Aug 2019, Friday 11:30 - 12:20, Odeon 2 (Point Square Dublin)
Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Michi Trota, David Cartwright, John R. Douglas (M), Julia Rios

The political climate has always influenced creators and their output  – for better and for worse – and fans have responded accordingly. Have the ways in which political influences are felt changed over the years? Are creators’ responses ever at odds with their fans, or vice versa?

Reading: Julia Rios

16 Aug 2019, Friday 18:00 - 18:20, Liffey Room-3 (CCD)

Come hear me read my flash piece from A Larger Reality 2.0, and something else, too!

Building inclusion and equity into genre

17 Aug 2019, Saturday 15:00 - 15:50, Liffey Room-2 (CCD)
Brenda  Noiseux (M), Rafeeat Aliyu, Jacq Applebee, Julia Rios

Diversity and inclusion remain a challenge in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Let’s look at the market today compared to five or ten years ago and determine what kind of progress has been made. Considering today’s stats, what diversity-specific goals would we like to achieve in the near term? Moreover, as the genre publishing industry  struggles to diversify, what can we do to help publishers press forward on this front, and how can we help to support diverse authors and readers? And what more should we be doing to help bolster diversity in our fiction?

Hugo Award Ceremony

18 Aug 2019, Sunday 20:00

The big night! Basically the Oscars of Science Fiction, and as a finalist, it’s an amazing experience and a huge honor. I’m especially excited to be sharing a nomination for Best Related Work with Libia Brenda, the first Mexican Woman to be a Hugo Award finalist! looking forward to seeing all the exciting Hugo Awards red carpet looks, too! Check out the #HugosRedCarpet hashtag on Twitter to see what I mean.

I’ll be leaving Dublin on the 19th to spend some much needed vacation time traveling in the western part of Ireland with Moss. We plan to see many different castles because if there is one thing I have learned in my trip planning research, it’s that Ireland has A TON of castles! You can expect a castle report upon my return!

Comedy Part Two!

We return in the end of August, but I am still managing to squeeze one last comedy show into my month!

Pick A Side Stupid — Movie Star

Friday the 30th of August at 7pm, Maggy’s Lounge in Quincy, Massachusetts

Maggy’s Lounge will still have delicious pizza, and this will still be a super fun comedy debate show hosted (and judged) by Shawn Carter! This time the theme will be a movie star, but Shawn hasn’t told us which one yet. I can safely say that it won’t be Jeff Goldblum, though, because he’s already had a turn.

So that’s my August! Will I see you? Let me know!