A Free Story, Plus My Boskone Schedule!

A Free Story, Plus My Boskone Schedule!

Let’s start the Year of the Ox off right with a feel-good science fiction story!

Title card for How to Defeat Gravity and Achieve Escape Velocity by Miyuki Jane Pinckard, featuring an astronaut in space and some hearts!

“How to Defeat Gravity and Achieve Escape Velocity” is a story by Miyuki Jane Pinckard that was sponsored by my patrons.

Check it out for:

*queer romance
*spaceship problems
*asteroid mining
*crushing on your boss
*sticking it to the man

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My Boskone Schedule

This weekend is also the weekend of Boskone, a science fiction convention that’s gone digital for 2021. Here is where you can find me this weekend

Uncommon Creatures from Fairy Tales

Friday, February 12th 6:30pm —That’s tonight!

Fairy tale creatures come in all shapes and sizes. There are elves to excess, a deluge of dragons, and vast volumes of vampires! What about the creatures we don't hear so much about? Who are they and what role do they play in the realm of the fair folk? Are they getting short shrift in the literary realm in favor of their more common cousins? Let's scan  the globe for other instances of curious creatures with poor PR.

Moderator: Gillian Polack

Panelists: Ingrid Kallick, Anne Nydam, Ursula Vernon, and me

Rituals of Writing

Saturday, February 13th 1pm — Tomorrow!

Writers chat about their creative process, what fuels their  imaginations, and what, besides coffee, keeps them going, especially in  the current situation.

Moderator: Me! This is great because I love asking questions!

Panelists: John Langan, Errick Nunally, Vincent O’Neil, Miyuki Jane Pinckard

Sunday, February 14th 2pm

LGBTQ+ characters are no longer invisible on the screen. While there has  been an obvious shift in popular culture, we still have a long way to  go in the fight for appropriate representation in film, television, and fiction. The surge in LGBTQ+ representation has brought with it a surge of creators exploiting our desire to see a more realistic representation  of diverse stories, often writing characters who are either caricatures  or characters in relationships without being fleshed out appropriately.  We'll discuss good and bad examples of LGBTQ+ characters. How do they  help or hurt popular conception, including self perception, of gays and  lesbians?

Moderator: Me again!

Panelists: John Chu, Gillian Daniels, Sara Megibow, Jennifer Williams

I’m looking forward to all of these, and it’s worth noting that if you register for the con for $25, you’ll have the rest of the month to watch these panels, since they will be recorded. There’s also a ton of other awesome stuff happening, including a Brimstone Rhine concert tomorrow at 8:30pm (and that one won’t be recorded, so it’s only available at that one time).