After These Messages: Drinking Milk and Working Out with Katy

After These Messages: Drinking Milk and Working Out with Katy

Friend of the pod Katy is back to talk commercials related to Troll 2! With a movie obsessed with pumping iron and special Nilbog milk, our commercial viewing choices were obvious.

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A still from Troll 2 showing Nilbog Milk, Vitamin D Milk. As the shopkeeper says, “Special milk, high in vitamins.”
Special milk, high in vitamins.

We started with a milk commercial from the 80s, which Geoffrey was uncomfortable with, but which the person who posted this on YouTube thinks is GREAT. The YouTube description is literally: “The best commercial with my name!”

Somehow this led to a discussion of whether the reader is supposed to think that the character of Julia in George Orwell’s 1984 is cool and great, or weak and disappointing. Surprise! You thought you were here for pop culture and instead we delivered some assigned homework reading chat???

We also watched this commercial with a young boy trying to attract the attention of an older girl.

While we thought there was a possibly nice reading of the first commercial, we’re afraid this one is just about a proto-MRA.

However! It led us on a tangent where we explain some of The Richest Cat in the World to Katy.

Okay, enough with the milk. What about working out?

Holly pumping iron in Troll 2
Holly pumping iron in Troll 2

There are so many workout commercials to choose from! We started with Cher.

We wondered if Cher was wearing “hind tights” from Northwest Fitness

And The Power Stretch.

Did you know who “Superfoot” was before we made this episode???

And of course, the Barbie Workout Center.

Among the things we touched upon after this were: a discussion of Katy’s childhood Dorothy Hamill haircut, an ASMR interlude, LSD trips (which none of us know anything about firsthand, but which Geoffrey has Opinions on), and kids’ workout shows. Did anyone out there actually enjoy Mousercise?

And if you really want Katy to recommend you some books in which people get eaten alive by rats, let us know, and we’ll make sure she gets the message!