Purple/Magenta: a poem by Tiara Mica

This poem is from the February 2023 issue of Worlds of Possibility. I love its sense of mischief.

Purple/Magenta: a poem by Tiara Mica
Title card for "Purple Magenta" by Tiara Mica

The Worlds of Possibility Kickstarter is officially in its LAST DAYS! We've hit our goal and now we are working towards stretch goals!!! Specifically, at the time of this post we are $633 away from a stretch goal that will mean I open back up to submissions to find two brand new poems for the anthology! Currently there are 13 original poems in the book, hitting this stretch goal will bring that up to 15! To whet your poetry appetite, I thought I'd share one of the current ones.

This poem is from the February 2023 issue of Worlds of Possibility. I love its sense of mischief.

You can listen to me read it as part of the OMG Julia Podcast, or read the full text below! And either way, stick around at the end for exciting Kickstarter flash reward news!

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by Tiara Mica

the thickness absorbed the room,
a tunnel of stars,
that moment just after the evening shades into nighttime,
just below the skyline;

the abundant blooming rose to the center of the field,
taking over the patch of grass,
likely fighting for its camera time
though innocently placed around the blanket of peonies.

melted against the tongue,
the flavored ice did such a great job staining it.

of course,
we made fun of ourselves
drawing out the sweet,
fruitiness in an attempt to avoid our parents knowing we had eaten something so sweet right before dinner
but it was inevitable;
your lips looked bruised, and mine?
equally as

washing it off was out of the question
and so was damn near everything else.
If punishment meant we could do this all over again in a couple of weeks

That’d be fine by me.

About the Author

Tiara Mica is a fiction writer and poet who recently completed her bachelors in English/Creative Writing in 2021. She has studied creative writing for eight years, starting with her high school experience as a creative writing major at CAPA in Philadelphia. As a woman of color in the writing industry, she always expresses her art through many mediums to break through as a refreshing voice.

Editor's note

This poem is refreshing and sweet and ice cold, and it makes me want a Popsicle! So, very refreshing indeed. I loved it instantly when I read it in my open submissions call earlier this year. I accepted it right away and put it straight into the February issue.

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