Why Didn't You Just Leave has launched!

The anthology of ghost stories I am co-editing with the amazing horror writer Nadia Bulkin has just launched on Kickstarter!

Why Didn't You Just Leave has launched!

This is the anthology of ghost stories I am co-editing with the amazing horror writer, Nadia Bulkin. The publisher for it is Cursed Morsels Press, a very cool small horror publisher.

I designed three stickers for this one!

Three art postcards and three cute spooky stickers
The art rewards for Why Didn't You Just Leave

We've got early bird specials that are only good for the next 24 hours, but if you act fast, you can grab all the art plus the book for $10 less than the usual price! Click here to back this project on Kickstarter!

These stickers are super cute, if I do say so myself. I used stock art to design them, and honestly, I have been craving Ghosty-Os ever since I made them up. I am sure they taste frightfully delicious!

My Readercon Schedule!

In other news, I will be at Readercon next weekend in Quincy, Massachusetts! Here's where you can find me!

Friday, July 14, 2023 3:00 PM Group Reading: Why Didn't You Just Leave? Salon C, Duration: 60 mins      Nadia Bulkin     Nadia BulkinJulia Rios     Julia Rios  Friday, Editors Julia Rios and Nadia Bulkin will lead a group reading from their forthcoming horror anthology about the reasons people might choose—or be forced—to stay in haunted places. 6:00 PM Reading Audio Salon B, Duration: 60 mins      Melissa Caruso     Melissa CarusoMichael Cisco     Michael CiscoC. S. E. Cooney     C. S. E. Cooney (moderator)Julia Rios     Julia RiosAlex Shvartsman     Alex Shvartsman  Friday, How does the experience of reading a book differ between listening to audio and looking at text? What kinds of stylistic choices work better in audio or better on paper, and how do writers navigate knowing they're often writing for both at once? And how does a narrator's performance affect the style of the work? 7:00 PM Who Would I Be if I Weren't Me? Salon 4, Duration: 60 mins      Lauren Beukes     Lauren BeukesMatthew Kressel     Matthew KresselJulia Rios     Julia Rios (moderator)Michael Swanwick     Michael SwanwickK.M. Szpara     K.M. Szpara  Friday, SF stories employing clones and parallel universes allow us to explore fundamental questions about what makes up a person. What is the true core of a person's identity and character, and what changes under different circumstances? As an author, what is it like to write many versions of one character, or many different characters that are similar but not fundamentally the same person? Saturday, July 15, 2023 1:30 PM Reading: Julia Rios Blue Hills, Duration: 30 mins      Julia Rios     Julia Rios  Saturday, 3:00 PM Kaffeeklatsch: Julia Rios Concierge Lounge, Duration: 60 mins      Julia Rios     Julia Rios  Saturday, Sunday, July 16, 2023 2:00 PM Alternate History of Readercon Salon A, Duration: 60 mins
My Readercon Schedule

I'm excited to share a group reading with Nadia, my co-editor, where we'll be reading excerpts from stories in Why Didn't You Just Leave. We'll also have some postcards to give out to people who come see us in person!

I'm also excited to be on a panel moderated by the excellent C.S.E. Cooney! That's the Reading for Audio one.

I will be moderating the Who Would I Be If I Wasn't Me panel, and it's got a killer lineup of panelists: Lauren Beukes, K.M. Szpara, Matt Kressel, and Michael Swanwick!

I've also got a solo reading, where I may read Worlds of Possibility pieces. I've also got some special Worlds of Possibility postcards I'll be handing out (not any of the designs from the Kickstarter), so if you're going to Readercon, please do come say hi and ask me for one!

I also have a Kaffeeklatsch, and I do hope some awesome people will show up to that so I don't have to talk to an empty table of imaginary friends for an hour!

Anyone who comes to my solo reading or kaffeeklatsch will get a special mystery sticker or postcard in addition to the Worlds of Possibility one I already mentioned! You'll have a few different options to choose from!

Finally, the Alternate History of Readercon panel will be my last item, and that should be a hilarious hour of improv to close out the weekend.

Signing off for now, but look out sometime next week for the next public Worlds of Possibility story!