Happy New Year!

Here’s the last issue I edited of Mermaids Monthly with cover art by Lauren Raye Snow.

The logo for Mermaids Monthly

Here’s the last issue I edited of Mermaids Monthly. The full issue is available in web, ebook, and PDF format at mermaidsmonthly.com!

In this issue you'll find just over a dozen mermaids made up of gentleness and care; tails swift and sharp on the outside and hearts soft and full of song on the inside. Even those who accompany a sailor to the bottom of the sea do so with care and curiosity. You'll find three original short stories, four new poems, a comic and a quiz in this issue - all searching for something special on the horizon.

Mermaids Monthly December 2021 Cover with art by Lauren Raye Snow

The Space Mermaid’s Garden in particular is a story I knew I needed to go into the last issue I edited. It’s about creating beautiful things, and the inevitable ephemerality of everything. It’s been a delight and an honor to edit Mermaids Monthly this year, and I’m a little sad my time there is at an end, but also happy to take a little break and regroup, and to leave things with such a beautiful end note.

All the best to you for 2022!